Autolog 3000

AUTOLOG 3000 Data Acquisition

  • A choice of four types of cards for optimal price/performance ratio
    • CA3460: 6-channel measuring card
    • CM3410: Multiplexer card
    • CA3520: 2-channel carrier frequency measuring card
    • CD3733: Multi-channel digital I/O card
  • Universal measuring inputs per card with individually adjustable channels (scanning speed, sensor type, voltage level, ...)
  • High reproducibility through 100 % computer control
  • Synchronous data collection with 1 kHz/channel
  • For each application the right packing: mobile (table-top) or 19" rack
  • Delivery incl. ActiveX-controls for linking to standard measuring software package
  • Logging, capturing and visualization software Autosoft 3000
  • More information…

The last decades showed a significant trend towards fewer sensors (measuring points) but with a much higher scanning frequency. This allows for a near simultaneous (synchronous) collection of all measuring data in any application. Peekel developed the AUTOLOG 3000 concept. Each channel of the CA3460 measuring card has a universal amplifier with 24-bit A/D converter. If scanning speed is less important, a multiplexer card, type CM3410, is available. And for control systems there is also a digital IO card, type CD3733, available. In those places where only AC can be used to measure one can select the CA3520 Carrier Frequency input card.

Features of CA3460 measuring card

  • 6 separate measuring-amplifiers
  • 6 A/D converters (working in parallel) each 1 kHz @ 24 bits
  • Resolution of 0.1 µV/V
  • Full-bridge straingauges
  • Thermocouples (alle common types: B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T)
  • Resistance thermometers (Pt-100, Pt-1000)
  • Potentiometric transducers
  • A variety of DC input ranges
  • Future use of TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) is prepared.

CA3460 Option 1 (for strain gauges)

  • High-precision complementary resistors for:
    • ½ bridges
    • ¼ bridges (120, 350 and 1000 Ohms)
  • Bridge supply adjustable between 0.5 and 5.0 Volts
  • Shunt measurement to check the sensor cables
  • Resolution of 0.2 µm/m

CA3460 Option 2 (CF for inductive transducers)

  • 5 kHz carrier frequency
  • 2 Veff supply voltage
  • Bandwidth: 200 Hz (-3 dB)

Features of CM3410 multiplexer card

  • 1 common measuring amplifier
  • 1 analog-to-digital converter (24 bits @1 kHz)
  • 1 multiplexer with 72 input lines, for:
    • 9 x 8-wire channels (incl. 2 for TEDS)
    • 2 x 6-wire (e.g. load cells)
    • 18 x 4-wire (e.g. Pt-100)
    • 36 x 2-wire (e.g. thermocouples)

AUTOLOG 3000/3

AUTOLOG 3000/8

AUTOLOG 3000/16

System speed and system capacity

An important property of AUTOLOG 3000 is its measuring speed (scanning rate) of 1 kHz for each individual channel. In this way, 6000 values per second can be dealt with at one measuring card. These are all being buffered individually and hence being transmitted through the CAN-Bus or the USB interface to the central (external) PC.
  • Through CAN-Bus: The measuring cards communicate among each other and with the PC by means of the CAN-Bus protocol. Connection of the CAN-Bus with the PC can be made through an external CAN/USB converter. From the PC, all necessary hardware-adjustments can be performed. The PC logs, visualizes and stores all set and measured information over any period of time. Depending on the bus length and the bus speed, a CAN-Bus can handle 32 measuring cards with each 6 channels = 192 channels. When configuring larger systems, one or more bus lines can be operated in parallel. Synchronization between the cards guarantees the measuring of all channels without any time loss.
  • Through USB interface: If the decentralized features of the CAN-Bus is not required but a high speed data-transfer is necessary, it is possible to mount an optional USB interface in the AUTOLOG 3000. This interface communicates with the input cards and transfers the measured data directly to the connected PC.
  • Through Ethernet: Installing the optional PB3000 card will extend the communication interface with ethernet. This interface creatly extend the possiblities. With an extra Router one could create a WLAN measurement network.

Data-acquisition and presentation software

  • ActiveX-Controls: AUTOLOG 3000 includes ActiveX drivers, which enable communication with third-party programs that support this Windows standard, such as Microsoft Excel, DIAdem, Labview, DASYlab, Matlab, etc.
  • SignaSoft 6000: This Peekel software product is a very complete data logging and visualization package. By maintaining Windows-conventions such as hardware in tree-structures, tables with all individual channel-data, Signasoft 6000 is easy-to-learn and safe-to-use. Trigger functions support data reduction when doing dynamic experiments.
  • Autosoft 3000: With this software it is very easy to configure your hardware, create your measurement channels, and start you measurement. It is based on specifications discussed with various large customers, of whom some are already using the older AUTOLOG2100 measurement system.

Download Autolog 3000 documentation and software