Autosoft NT

Autosoft NT Datalog- and configuration software

  • Drag and drop during configuration
  • Combine channels in measurement groups
  • Configurable measurement speed per measurement group
  • Load step measurements
  • Time triggered start and/or stop of measurements
  • Online Rosette calculations of 0°/90°, 0°/45°/90°, 0°/60°/120° through virtual channels
  • Pt-100 and thermocouple types
  • DC voltage inputs incl. conversion to engineering units
  • Digital inputs and outputs
  • LVDT through DC input
  • Windows NT, Win98 en WinXP
  • More information...
Autosoft NT confguration software

For configuration of and measurement with AUTOLOG/UNILOG data-acquisition systems, Peekel developed the AUTOSOFT software. The most recent version is AUTOSOFT-NT which combines past experience with state-of-the-art software techniques. Because the program is fully based on the Windows-NT platform, all Windows facilities are available. Special attention has been given to the user interface to enable fast and accurate configuration of the measurement.

An important tool to help you to maintain an overview of the configuration is the "Device Overview" window, in which the connected AUTOLOG/UNILOG systems and configuration is shown. Colored "smileys" help you to identify the systems which are on-line with the PC.

By clicking a channel, the "Channel Setup" window is opened in which the channel can be configured. With standard drag-and-drop functions, the setup can easily be copied to the other channels.

The configured channels can be clustered in measurement- and (numerical and/or graphical) presentation groups. The measured results are processed and presented on-line.

Screen shots

Autosoft NT overview